FileManager Pro

Upgrade and enhance the way you manage your website.


Using FileManager to make changes to your site is easy—but why not make it even easier? Upgrade to FileManager Pro for added benefits like the ability to create templates & enhancements to protecting your files.

Upgrade To FileManager Pro

Only $49.95/yr.

More FileManager Pro Features

Version Control & Backup

  • Any created or newly edited Web files are automatically backed up with no settings required
  • Previous file versions can be rolled back on last modified or saved time stamps
  • Prevents the need to rebuild pages or files due to flawed edits, formatting or coding errors

Easy Connections

  • Create quick connections to any FTP-supported Web space
  • Efficiently manage multiple accounts and Web spaces from a single interface

Use Templates

  • Customize new or modify existing Web page files and generate new templates for future use
  • Customize colors, backgrounds, fonts, layouts, headers and more
  • Access templates instantly from the Rich Text Editor interface and create any number of pages off the unique frame

Upgrade To FileManager Pro today for only $49.95/yr.